A few of our favourite things...

A few of our favourite things...

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We are surrounded by the most amazing producers in Argyll. This is perfect for groups of 4 or more. There is always the option to add any of our other products, simply visit our shop to add products. 


In this hamper.... 

- Freshly roasted and ground coffee - Argyll Coffee Roasters 

- 1 litre Wee Isle Dairy Milk

- Shellfield Farm Granola (750g)

- Shellfield Farm homemade bread

- 6 free range eggs

- Chocolate bark - Nothern Lights Cakery

- 4 beautifully decorated cupcakes - Northern Lights Cakery 

- Homemade Jam & Chutney jars - Wild Kitchen Argyll 

- Tablet - Wild Kitchen Argyll 






    This hamper is perfect for groups of 4. Waking you up with delicious locally roasted coffee, free range eggs, homemade granola and fresh bread and jams.  Lunchtime cheese, and finishing with a feast of lasagne and cakes. 

    You are all set. 

    If you are more than 4 and would like a few extra bits check out what else we have here.


    Please ensure orders are made at least 10 days prior to arrival.